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I believe that music education plays a crucial role in the enrichment of one's knowledge, creativity, and character. As a teacher, my desire is to spread the appreciation of and passion for music. 

I am motivated by each student and their unique personality and styles of learning.

My teaching is based on:

  • "Every Child Can" from the Suzuki Method is based on the principle that all children possess ability, and that ability can be developed and improved through a nurturing environment.

  • Mother Tongue - A student learns from listening to others; therefore, music should be a daily activity. Reinforcement and repetition are key.

  • Listening and Memorization - Music is all about sound; thus, listening is crucial in establishing aural skills, technical attention, and memorization.

  • "Cello Playing is Easy,"  a book and belief that my teacher, Dr. Tanya Carey, taught me about the importance of the natural motion of the body and the mental and physical strength that make it possible.

  • Focused, organized, and strategic practice - Regardless of the student's level, planned practice helps achieve any goal.


 Teaching Philosophy 


With a thorough knowledge of solid technique, musical sound, and a strong passion for​ the arts, any student can thrive as a musician!!

Everardo is accepting students online and in-person!

They are available on

Zoom & Skype!

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