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Hello, Everyone!

As we know this pandemic has changed everyone's lives in different ways. I just want you to know that I am wishing all of my colleagues, teachers & professors, and students safety and good health. This is a hard time for everyone and know that I have all of you in my thoughts. Please be safe and smart until this all becomes better and as always please reach out if you need anything.

As far as performances, I have decided to cancel all of my recitals for the foreseeable future and the university I attend is doing the same for chamber performances and for the symphony orchestra.

As far as teaching, the show must go on...ONLINE. All of my lessons have moved to Zoom and Skype. Let's use this time to learn a new way of performing, teaching, and sharing. I have learned so much in the past month from my colleagues and my students!

I miss all of you dearly!!

Warm regards,


(A happy memory performing Beethoven's 5th Cello Sonata with pianist Lisa Mioduszewski in Dec. of 2019)

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